Family Justice Courts Practice Directions

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Part XV - Litigants in Person

171. The Family Court Friend Scheme

(1) The Court may, at any stage of proceedings, refer an unrepresented litigant to the Community Justice Centre or such other pro-bono agency for the assignment of a Family Court Friend to assist him by providing administrative and emotional support in the conduct of his case such as:

(a) providing information on court procedure and processes as well as avenues for assistance outside the court process;

(b) subject to sub paragraph (2), assisting in the preparation and filing of court documents;

(c) providing emotional and moral support throughout the court process;

(d) assisting in court hearings by helping unrepresented litigants undertake tasks e.g. taking notes of court proceedings and organizing documents for use in court.

(2) The Family Court Friend may attend court hearings, including hearings conducted in camera, but will not be allowed to provide legal advice and/or legal representation. He should also not address the court.

(3) The Family Court Friend shall not reveal any information to any third party, any information relating to the proceedings he/she is assigned to.

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